HiFi & Music 音響音享

Joyful listening Experience 加分聆聽經驗

It should be about music and enjoying listening to it, instead of over focusing on the HI-FI setup. However, there is no doubt that the listening experience can be lifted by good equipment.

We are VDP AUDIO – a brand launched in 2015. This is a Dutch family company run by Peter, Jeroen and Ray van de Putte who shared the same passions about music and love bring wonderful listening experiences to people. Each of us has his own complementary expertise in electronic and audio design, sound analyzing, recording engineering, production techniques, etc.

VDP AUDIO product development is done by our own or under our supervision.

重點是音樂,以及享受優美的聆聽經驗。而非過於專注在音響器材的設置而讓音樂成了附屬品。然而, 無庸置疑的是好的音響當然能提昇音樂聆聽經驗。

VDP AUDIO 品牌於2015創立,是來自荷蘭的一個小型家族企業,由同樣熱愛音樂的Peter,Jeroen和Ray van de Putte經營。 我們每個人在電子和音頻設計,聲音分析,錄音工程,生產技術等方面都有自己的專長。

所有自家品牌的開發均由 VDP AUDIO 自行製作或在我們的監督下完成。

Fine Art 與藝術相遇

One Artistic Eye Deserves Another 賞樂賞畫

We love Art.

Music is the most common art-form that we enjoy and appreciate in our everyday life, We also collaborate with local artists and Taiwan based foreign artists, to show their works. 

We think that the combination of art and music can open your senses to a deeper appreciation of them.


音樂是我們每天生活中最常接觸並享受的藝術型態, 不單如此, 我們也與不同的藝術家合家展出他們的作品.